course, IT, but after reading the issue it might be somewhat We Should practice it for it is our own good. masasabi kong mahala sa bawat pilipino na pag-aralan ang buhay ni rizal. by idolizing him. Well,my comments about this thing is that what is written above are so true that some people are thinking that studying the life of our national hero is no longer important because hes no longer existing to help us or guide us..But of what i understood in our class discussion studying hes life is so important in todays generation,as a youth of today we can change the kind of life we have,maybe in out own little way we can help our society by being aware of what is happening nowadays..For example,helping our environment so that it wont get worst for the years to come,being responsible plays an important role in the happiness of everyone like our national hero he loves the nature so much,the flowering plants,everything in it that is why we should do the same.. It is important to take this subject because according to Republic Act 1425 in june 19 1956 give rise to the implementation or the rizal course as a requirement to all students who are endrolled in different colleges and universities.when they are not taking this course the student they cannot graduate in his course without taking and passing rizal subject.and also rizal it is important to us to recognized the relevance rizal’s ideas,thoughts & life values present conditions in the community and our country.and also to develop an understanding and appreciation of the qualities,behavior and character of rizal,as well as his thoughts and ideas,and thus foster the development of moral character,personal disciple,citizenship,vocational efficiency.Many students complain why we take up the rizal course even if they could not use the name of rizal as one of thier referrence when they apply for the job.nor rizal they could back up them if they need help.The rizal course is important to us to know the life of rizal..we learn more a lot about rizal the writing of rizal. Yes, it is on my mind why do we need to study the life of rizal? Jose Rizal for the masses is pretty straightforward. we journey into different places and meet many different perils in life as a test for our overcoming life’s challenges. Para sa akin importante talaga ang subject na ito. According to Republic Act 1425, students should take the Rizal subject in order to graduate. His great knowledge, ideas, experiences, thoughts and etc. Indeed many people say that Rizal subject is no longer relevant in any course to study it. They are carving for the money; they have a good life while other people are suffered. It is a fact that education plays a vital role in the growth of a country, for an educated and functional population maneuvers the fate of its country and its fate as a people. Minsan sumagi pa sa ating isipan at kung bakit kailangan pag-uusapan taon patay gayong hindi naman nakakatulong sa pang-araw-araw na gawain. That are sad scenarios in our daily lives in the Phillippines – with a sad tendency of increase. Para malaman natin kung gaano tayo kamahal ni rizal, at kung talagang karapatdapat ba talaga siyang tawaging BAYANI. However, we had no great man celebrated as Rizal who cared as much as he did for his nation. People now especially those who are exposed to the politics are very much corrupt and serving their family but not for the country. Also, Rizal are the one who started the association which the educated man rejoined force to plan against the Spaniards. For me, he seems like a man who knows just what to do to get what he wants. Mahalaga ang asiganaturang ito dahil dito natin malalaman ang mga nangyari sa buhay ni Rizal.Siya lang ang taong nagpakita ng kahalagahan ng ating bansa,siya rin ang nag tanggol sa mga filipino na inaapi ng mga dayuhang kastila.Mahalaga ito dahil ang mga nangyayari ngayon ay kagaya rin noon.Mahalaga ito di dahil xa ay isang bayani kundi ang mga karanasan niya dito sa ating bayan.Simula noon siya ay modelo ng mga kabataan. For me… taking rizal subject is a great addition for me , 1st of all.. you would learn the history of our country, merely speaking of the name rizal, you would also learn a negative of positive attitude of of our fellow country men in his time for each chapter you would encounter all the strugles, all the sacrifice ,and triumph. My comment about the topic “what is the relevance of rizal course” is that. For me, since Republic Act 1425 otherwise known as Rizal law made it clear that Rizal subject is a compulsory to all students who are enrolled in different colleges and universities, then we should comply with this law. should took up the course with open heart,because that is neccesary filipino. The subject has nourished my mind about the life’s of filipinos and their prevalent struggles better tha any subject could have probably done. that makes the relevance of studying rizal as a subject. And today, i feel that it is a sad fact. The life of Rizal of being a good son was also written in the book. I live a huge society where social, political and economical abuse are rampant ;thus, I should also study on how to solve these problems on my own little way. A A's AMD AMD's AOL AOL's AWS AWS's Aachen Aachen's Aaliyah Aaliyah's Aaron Aaron's Abbas Abbas's Abbasid Abbasid's Abbott Abbott's Abby Abby's Abdul Abdul's Abe Abe's Abel Abel's

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