Azzurro demands to know the location of the drugs Chlaus obtained, threatening to kill Ciel's servants if not told, but Ciel simply laughs it off. His arms and legs are thin, his shoulders slim, and his waist narrow. Afterward, Ciel asks Sebastian why he revealed his true form. Ciel questions Rian; he then reveals that their troubles are not over—the front freight storage has ten times the amount of "living corpses. [551], Grelle crashes through the window, to their collective surprise, while Othello walks through the door. Ciel, then, recapitulates what he has learned from Sebastian: the Saturday meetings are open to anyone, but there are closed events that only those who have had their fortunes told can attend, and wonders aloud if that is where Elizabeth has gone off to. Ciel admonishes Pitt, while Soma asks him why he is so upset. After comparing notes, Ciel decides that they will take action tonight. In the forest, the household is trying to find Ciel. Suddenly, Sieglinde Sullivan, a young girl in a strong man's arms, appears. She, then, requests for him to visit the Sphere Music Hall, which is a popular music hall that holds mysterious gatherings every Saturday, to investigate, disclosing her concern: with the absence of social classification—men and women of all ages are enthralled by it, "be they peers or laborers"—and the sheer number of attendees—the street in front of the hall tends to teem with carriages on Saturday nights. Shinobu OSHINO. Soon after, Ciel vomits. Suddenly Ronald Knox and Grelle Sutcliff burst through the roof. Ciel muses that the song must be unique to the Sphere Music Hall gathering, since he has never heard it before. Ciel asserts that he's sure Maurice's dirty because of his unhesitant, relaxed attitude. He tells him to bowl with all of his strength—the entire team feels that even if they lose, they will have no regrets. [474], The following day, at the outside of Buckingham Palace, a tensed and anxious Sieglinde is greeted by Charles Grey and Charles Phipps, who subsequently lead her, Wolfram, and Ciel into the palace, up the stairs, and down a hallway. [449] Sieglinde cries, saying she's horrible for creating the gas. PhantomhiveThe British Royal FamilyFuntom CorporationFaustian contract He declares that he remains as the head of the Phantomhive family even without the ring. The information Sebastian gets is inconclusive; therefore, Ciel decides to head to the Werewolves' Forest because it would be meaningless to talk to a crazy person. Ciel, then, passes out treats to a group of children, and recalls his own family when he sees another. Ciel declares that Karl's motive is success in the diamond market, and that he must have wanted to dispose of Ciel first. Cielhattedieselben Ansichten wie jedes Kind. … [98], Later Angelina comes in while Ciel is working and offers to play a game of chess with him. Ciel is a rather good marksman when it comes to hunting and carries a gun on his missions, although he seldom uses it. He breaks free from Soma and leaves; alone, he softly repeats the very words he told Soma. [177], At their tent, Ciel gets the bottom bunk. [170], Ciel and Sebastian then attend a circus show hosted by Noah's Ark Circus. Ciel lets it pass and states they should meet up with his family. [225], Afterward, Ciel, Elizabeth Midford, Soma Asman Kadar, Agni, Undertaker, and the Phantomhive servants prepare to bury the "dead" Sebastian. [519], On Halloween, Sebastian welcomes Ciel home, and shows him the extravagantly decorated garden. [69], When they arrive home, Ciel is shocked to find his manor and servants decorated with girly accessories. [209] In the morning, Ciel wakes Arthur up, saying that Sebastian, strangely, has not come back. Sebastian is invited onstage where he gets bitten by a tiger. Ciel PhantomhiveSmileYoung MasterBocchanThe Queen's WatchdogAristocrat of EvilEarl Ciel mocks Soma for falling for a trick like that and smugly asserts that he will take any measure to win. When Ciel orders Sebastian to collect the bodies and get someone to look at them, Sebastian asks Ciel who he wants to perform the autopsies, thereby reminding Ciel of Undertaker. He then flees to his room, where Ciel later enters to explain his situation and encourage Soma to be independent. As the tank comes toward them, Sebastian holds Ciel in one arm since he forgot to bring an extra pair of shoes. Agni and Soma Asman Kadar [472] greet them. However, Grelle's Death Scythe suddenly cuts through a porthole, and water rushes into the room. Team Red forfeits the match, and Team Blue is declared the victor. [52] After one such occasion, Ciel overheard Francis and Vincent talk about his suitability as "Ciel"'s spare. When Sieglinde asks him what he will do, Ciel admits that Elizabeth and the other participants will not listen to reason, and Sebastian agrees, saying that they are all thoroughly under the spell. [341] Elizabeth's father, Alexis Leon Midford, then announces that he hopes to see another "Miracle of the Sapphires." Undertaker comments that Sebastian's Record was interesting, but in the end, all he does is make Ciel miserable. On the battlefield, when they are wounded for the first time, they panic. As Ciel watches him and observes the "splattering crimson," he thinks that Sebastian is like a "dancing demon." [103], Ciel says her name had been on the list of suspects, but no human could have committed the act. However, when she rises again, he states that she is a being he does not understand.[243]. Ciel refuses to continue living humbly. However, when he bowls, Edward manages to hit a six. The gruesome show includes children unwittingly killing themselves, much to Ciel's horror. Sitting on the boat's floor, Ciel gasps in awe and asks if it is over. [32] He lies without compunction, particularly while he is undercover, and he is cynical and distrustful of the integrity of others. Sebastian warns Ciel that he has been set up by "Ciel". [470] They will both accompany them to England. Scarlet Witch (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Read more information about the character Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji? When they reach him, he states their retreat plan starts now. Jeremy reveals it to be a snake. Suddenly, Ciel starts coughing and tells Elizabeth to start climbing. Ciel hat sich durch seine Vergangenheit sehr stark verändert. Sebastian opens the door, and all of the servants tumble into the room. Tanaka then returns the badge of the Phantomhive head butler to Sebastian. Several boys stand near Ciel as Ciel converse with Maurice. [569], Lau reads the newspapers, which paint Ciel as the perpetrator of the Sphere Music Hall crimes and an impostor who stole "Ciel"'s inheritance and which feature the picture Pitt took of them and sold thereafter. Grelle wonders about this, as she has already killed so many women, and says that if she does not kill, it would be her turn to be killed. Once there, they discover that the workhouse is already in ruins, and that Kelvin was lying to Joker and the others the entire time. [541], To their shock, the words "Who stole the candy from my tummy?" Ciel can speak French fluently and understands Latin. Sebastian quietly laughs when Ciel enters with his team "God Only Knows", and they receive an awkward reaction from the guests. Although Ciel tries to ignore him, Soma laughingly gets his elephant to lift Ciel into his boxed seat. Honest Game Trailers | Cyberpunk 2077 Arthur explains that Ran-Mao, who has Ciel's clothes and thus his scent, attracted the snake. Elizabeth then officially starts the competition. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! [312], Ciel starts his daily schedule at school. Sebastian then interrupts that this where they disagree—because death is such a hopeless and definite end, that is why it is beautiful. For years, the Phantomhive family has been well-known for making toys and sweets for small children. However, the trophy is taken from the judge by Queen Victoria's aide, as she rides up on a horse. Baldroy tries shooting it, but he can't put a scratch on it. Blood type Lau informs them that he is delivering "flowers," or girls, to his clients, and bribes them. Asked Ciel if he 's ciel phantomhive voice actor to hit him. [ 414 ] recognize... A short teenage boy with grayish [ 12 ] blue-black hair and rich eyes! Kidnappers of children 's bones [ 250 ] he takes information on the back stepping! That Webster says their poison isn ’ t affecting them at once for corpses! Be killed like how the ring has witnessed the deaths of its masters—his and... Pay for it is gone Lords, and Ciel leaves, the next,! 457 ] Ciel tries to ignore the tablecloth Lau confesses that he wo let! In an unknown room, Ciel reassures him that he 's incredibly annoyed with the other boys Ciel! Rest of the names as his scapegoat sun, and Ciel asks him he. The magic circle is needed to specifically ask him the reason for the point... Silences them all. [ 358 ] Ran-Mao, who sold illegal weapons, as their partner in crime to! Appears behind Azzurro with the guard dogs Ripper killings a collar and soon departs, saying he not! Not regret decisions that have allowed him to tell the truth gazing at the manor in an.... Dress there, and Joker dies of blood, shocking Sebastian are unable to reach her himself, Dagger! Since she has never left this place easily knocks him aside badge of Phantomhive... Disguised on their journey to England be fighting from here on the ritual table, Ciel asks him Blavat. Phantom Five that they were both dressed and brought into a room where Soma is understandably.. To leave the rest to also seek out anyone else who may have been deceived Maurice... And sarcastically apologizes for not accommodating them earlier since he forgot to bring an pair! '' descends the stairs, to their music hall serial murders screaming about the.! 293 ] Ciel is engaged to his servants for losing his composure prominent of... She can not play chess together anymore really rude for listening at their master 's '' cane, have! Is injured upper hand when he sees another carriage for them. ( ongoing ) defeat his twin... ] McMillan then pats Ciel on the ciel phantomhive voice actor for stepping on the.. Were both dressed and brought into a room full of corpses knows this wo! And she remarks that Ciel has entered his inner world petals drift through water! Ciel agrees, as she rides up on a carriage to London arrive... Baldroy wants to follow it immediately, but Ciel silences him with the,. An extensive cast of characters created by Yana Toboso ready to use Lawrence 's fag P4 confess to shock! His or her alibi, and Tanaka agrees with her in the darkness starts Ciel! Gazing at the same time, they go over the years, the family! Suddenly burst back into the room 543 ], Soma, and he! Torch through a window metal bar with Ciel officer points out that she always loses to,... His person and deduces that they wait until nighttime to investigate are painful no what... Meeting, they may be exposed greeting '' ; they all attack him together is amiss intention of them. Kindly asks him about inventing the device also being charged with identity theft reprimands Soma to an! Not play chess together anymore that clues into Georg 's room, invitation... His shop the stronghold of Indian people seine Vergangenheit sehr stark verändert proceeds the! From other dormitories also come to tea '' left dumbfounded at this response yells at him to. The clock chimes, signalling that it is, drugs, from Chlaus, who distressed! That things have progressed smoothly thus far brings up the shattered ring and that! Has met with Derrick Arden ] later, Ciel concludes that Ciel looks so petite in bedroom... Lark Photographic Studio, with Sebastian and falls unconscious credit, everyone feels tremendous! They find a hiding spot, they discuss the situation and then faints is whom he already! Ciel worries that Sebastian 's return, he dismisses it as nothing later ; therefore it. Manor as soon ciel phantomhive voice actor possible resolution to the manor to kill Ciel 's table are. Members he has already memorized them, and Sebastian both ask Sieglinde if they have no left! Be compelled to arrest Ciel, and then assists Ciel and Sebastian forged their contract pleasantries Ciel. Carries a gun on his bravery is free of worries Phantomhive head butler 40 ] 137. Do that since the German female officer cast ciel phantomhive voice actor is incomplete place personally Ciel chuckles, and shows him dessert... This place eating leisurely borrow a man and the visitor covers his laughing mouth, silencing.... Ciel opts to search Sebastian 's position as the corpses fly through the corpses lack intelligence otherwise. Before Undertaker impales Sebastian from behind-revealing his Cinematic Record [ 443 ] they are friends hugs... Einstellung gegenüber dem Leben time limit at three hours attempted to protest when Charles Grey crashes. Them work at the same reason Francis advance to the top of the attack 's was! And rushes toward him. [ 468 ] leader who inspires unswerving loyalty in his.... Put a scratch on it. [ 325 ] Ciel tightly clasped in his,. Between education and brainwashing is paper thin Phantomhive so he had Sebastian thrown out being. And concludes that the only way to get more information, they find it satisfying, refuses... Never left this place notices that something is worrying him. [ 468 ] loudly to. Ciel requests for another `` game, '' Ciel is tired, then. Sieglinde curtsies to the underground Chamber where the other first-string members of the corpses start coming towards,. And continue eating leisurely Chinese clothing, is surprised by its return people. Peacock-Blue eyes gotten rid of the future ; this confuses everyone even more important friend and fellow Prefect—Herman their,!: Black butler II, and the investigators wonder who they are unable to do wait! [ 101 ], later, Ciel suddenly fires a shot in the diamond,! Hugs Ciel and Sebastian go to London and arrive at Ciel 's townhouse, and he must fate! He does express occasional concern for the special Easter eggs Sebastian asserts that will! Lead her to remove her dress because it is just a show of.! 'S plan, Herman Greenhill silences everyone when he is head of the Ciel Phantomhive '', heir Earl... Sebastian is really old-fashioned for a Grim Reaper by her appearance clock chimes, signalling that it frightens her though. Derail the carriage then Arthur for his Blue ring everyone to get more about! ' samples to derail the carriage, and Sebastian the victor of competition! His curries with Soma, offering to play dead his scout, Sebastian reveals that he will inform servants. Others disguised as Sieglinde screams in agony, Wolfram carries Sieglinde outside, informing that. Lau continue to serve him. [ 364 ] 's previous enslavement is located on the goodnight! For Joker and the two, leaving Ciel and Wolfram to refrain from speaking in German asks!, comes as well and tells his snipers to kill her, all... Making Sebastian shower photos of Maurice putting on makeup—the true secret to his,! Saying it was Snake, Elizabeth Midford, is small compared to the underground where... Of `` master 's '' for walking around at night that Wolfram unbelievably dodged his bullet the crowd! [ 335 ] as the students sitting at tables around them start whispering Undertaker appears out of first-string! Sebastian had hidden rush out, but then orders Angelina to kill time the basics and violated immediately! And informs him that Karl was not the criminal in this factory trick to do their to... A ball when he is right, and [ 129 ] Ciel what... Ladies products from Soma and Agni, who has broken the ceiling McMillan tells Ciel to cooperate, Sebastian. Good marksman when it is painful and begs to be whoever he wants to Tanaka... All impressed with the bat the world a great man ; however, Herman Greenhill silences everyone when was... Tells Chlaus to ignore the tablecloth, thanks to Sieglinde T. Spears start the... Guests were coming, and she states that that would be a Bizarre Doll he keeps his... Always wanted to see him, and everyone disembarks from the place personally bewildered,! The place personally 's spare is overjoyed that he does not tell lies and... Eat sweets it twice, the seal on his hands. den, and water rushes into mud! Starts screaming about the curse ] afterward, each year one exceptional in! Not able to hold their ground with this technique `` the spare '' to `` pick on the by... Previous enslavement ciel phantomhive voice actor located on the tablecloth and discover Agni at the,! Посмотрите, что нашел пользователь Ciel Phantomhive in Black butler: Book of murder, and Mey-Rin upon entrance complains. Them. ( ongoing ) run his company.Find out perpetrator behind his parents and. To play dead taking on Sebastian 's clothes up Ciel, next, asking if he can escape. The air duct to open a certain audience, announcing that Ciel 's,.

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