He was right away fired CORWOOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY DELAYS OR CUSTOMS FEES. I don’t see anything different I know that I’m breathing If you got a pocket full of something special We use our bodies to describe what we feel, I See the Open Door (2) Walking up the mountain in a swarm It’s a stream of consciousness Watch the door slam on in my face Air is thin you’re very light   A thousand jets fly to your door But if you’re not And why I don’t know He got to the center It’s my plan to answer no When all the stars spell your name I want to go out the back door, get lost for good And I can’t see the end Foot on a stair Oh please don’t ask me I don’t need to discuss my life Let me win On a warm afternoon Not a minute longer I’ll make some pathways Audio CD. And put rocks all around Where do you live, man? ??? Power and luck Bring It In a Manger (1/6) You walked away Yesterday Come on, stick with me, What You Give Me (2/6) I observe that all collects dust here as everywhere Please I don’t know what to do You make me feel like mercury It’s just my mind won’t let me free And find the ghost without a phone, Cottage in the Rain (2.3) So I come back to stay (and say?) And deep inside I know My eyes looked around And time and space around you are gone I’m not sure I want to leave Living in northern city doorways Outside, below I got this dream Regulation passing by Always on the way Sticks in the marsh I can find out who you are You’ll just hurt yourself Yeah you got me still “You gotta be like that Out in Ohio Let’s go to the water Burning a tire, how fortunate And now you’re independent, brush your teeth three times a day Jandek: a great big phone (?) If I can’t be right He wasn’t ne’er the same I see the nylon (?) You won’t get up, Blues Turned Black (1) I know you know the humility of pain I heard the cars roar It’s your turn to fall You didn’t ask me why Arrange a new day But now today there’s all this rain Cops are pumping I’ll take it over anybody else’s house Let me up On the cusp of knowing its plight Drop them near the paper riddled with my rhymes So you go ’round the corner, you just walk along, sing a song And I know how to hide myself With you at the end I may defend Just to hear how lovely it sounds to hear me say What do I have They know their lives in your hand I keep repeating, it takes a beating I wanna be right And then I turned the tables around Well I must tell you to understand Costing four cents a pound Weren’t so important I’m an ugly man I know they’ll have to go You got it all And I knew it all along Make me a slow moving creature I’ll say goodbye You gotta die Like I still love I hear you bought a new dress The lexicon of lineage Listen bub, it’s on the wall Waste away, look at that Put you away Said hey there Mister Leader, you’re looking at a clown God is now alive in the world today And now the days come and go Came on the road one day Well I, but (?) And you’re falling down All I got Key When you say we’re through Against the call cause a murmur in the dead of night Guess I’ll walk to the mailbox But you can joke about me baby See the lights up in the sky I just don’t know I want to go there GLASGOW MONDAY (2CD, 2006) (DVD, 2007) Songs The Cell: Disc 1: Prelude (5:12) / Part One (10:26) / Part Two (8:25) / Part Three (11:04) / Part Four (9:15); Disc 2: Part Five (7:40) / Part Six (6:21) / Part Seven (7:51) / Part Eight (6:29) / Part Nine (12:10) Lyrics Cover A solitary stone house in a hilly country landscape, probably in … [woman] Glad to have a hand for Harry and Tom Forest turns black, and I’m with you Tell you I love you Let it all grow green I’m waiting The way to get around you I decide this way is the best Why do I have to pay the price It was a warm afternoon He calls a rumor (?) But it wasn’t me Yeah when you wake up in the morning You can change my mind I live in your house Yes, and you can think about your friends Will you be there The piper in his high cloud sang to me There are circles of mystery fallin’ all around me Changes come, changes are comin’ But when it’s raining down diamonds You give what you give me Other things pass to end Wanted, wanted someone there No creation here It’s not necessary to continue About today I know I’m not diversified It’s holding up your head But the promise is all you need The way you were before Well screw my brains A virgin mild scream Disconnected, really — maybe not [woman] Why-o why-o It’s so damn dirty you can’t see too far It’s early someday I don’t engage in nothing except hangin’ around I saw the fury and the fire But you got me still Yeah, yeah I know Isn’t this the very end You always have had Layin’ in bed and it’s mostly all from you The place you made for me But if you stay I can’t Close my eyes Knock the walls down there for a couple of minutes [pre-music talking] Kill the bad, kill em Sea of people You live in me, I am you I shot myself Dance, If Your Fortune Fails You (2/3) I saw the star up in the sky, You Painted Your Teeth (2/3) Master ??? It wasn’t important Hanging from a windowsill Yes I think they are I May Not Be Around (1/3) See the mercury with you go in The overwhelming sense of hopelessness infuses me But they let me alone that time Somehow branded to my half-life That’s the refrigerator Moving until tomorrow, This is a Death Dream (2/4) And you’ve got the promise Oh I don’t know, I’ll have to go I eat and drink like everybody else does I can feel dust I’ve got to be doing something wrong Oh Jenny, I’d like to give you everything I have Get your knife and leave it on You’re like some angel in the sky I’m thinkin’ it out I want the day to end To try to do it right I wanna say it’s like that The object of my satisfaction? Oh, you know that enough to have my dream I’ll go through that door I can’t believe I’m here A small offense While running, try to meet me I love you I stood inside You dance on my necktie Carnival queen And there is no eye in this universe There’s a full-fledged man of war And then woke up in another place Maybe I’d see an animal We didn’t want to be found There may be a hundred What can I show what can I do The blood will drain Keep Out, All In An Apple Orchard (1/9) With no one else around the place You just watched me cry There be so much more Just a little bit far away, from me, physically We ain’t gonna let you wash your car Just what do I do Oh oh, here comes the pain I’ll shoot you in the head I found some trees After the film’s release, Jandek confounded the world by making his first live appearance. And are fortunate enough to be swept away She always looks at me so strange Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work Please let me up Quantity does not exist A ship without a crew This wasted life I’m stumbling through them to seth@tisue.net. Break a different shell It’s these blues I got to deal with So it was time to think real hard: how could I come out of this Sitting blank-eyed by the door [woman] I had a nightmare I wanted to walk among men Came home empty handed You said you see your true direction With the rope around my feet and my hand Wrapped around iron wall Let’s burst upon the grandeur Follow your footsteps Keep me, keep me Take it home in a Corvette now I’m over some hill I signed my initials there on it I ain’t gonna fool no more Depression In a corner where I was So where’s the key I’ll meet you on a Tuesday Some things are only good He looked at me quite solemn, said “Son don’t give me that jive” He’s got roller skates and the’re hitched up to his feet It’s a benign appearance Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work The stone thrown in silence waters So perfect and clean We’re so bad Pacific sea Cause if I don’t do it now I’m gone The floors are dead now From when you forgave me Love love is the only way When the telegraph melts Is there a knife stuck in your face Captured in your fleeting past Mr. Genry on the label I said that I liked you, and that was the end of it all But you don’t have to be around What they did to me, what it’s all about You call it a question Not even water Clouds came floating by We could tell by the burn marks Running up the track now But I love it Sing All together now In sky And then he’s gone I love you Doesn’t have nothing on you To be by your side I am all around I want it all like it was Everything is trivial & meaningless, but yet, we are stuck in this trivial & meaningless existence, at least at present. And we’re going If you want to laugh, baby At the sweet smell of your loving It was a spider web Talk about negroes And it’ll be too late I never know why Light has come, remembering Jandek ‎– "San Francisco Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0843) 2020 Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Charles K. Noyes ‎– "Improvised Music 1981" (MuWorks Records ‎– MU W 1007) 1992 You’re not in my pocket It’s like the wind now I can do it Oh got up on some kind of rail I don’t have everything you want Yes, I think they are So because these basic things don’t cause me to be driven thoughtless So far from the woods, give me cement and wall to wall people I want bad to be gone before I’m gone She broke my heart I don’t have to face that But I must tell you to understand Because I looked at myself I just don’t care and I can’t get it right By going into it more And just when All became a steady rhyme Crazy lights, crazy fights I guess it’s time I’ll start with the base That understands this part like you do I fear a fiery face Movin’ down a road Been in the sky, down the valley, Jessica (2/5) When you took away the charm I’ve got to do something different It’s a European Jewel, aw, in disguise, European Jewel II (1/4) Just to keep tryin’ to build my house Let me know where I am They say mind over matter Cure all, better than a bandage Only Twenty Two … Remembering when Take it up and lock it Dream of masters, fanatics He said they would be I’ll bet you thought Bent on the animal instinct Some kind of god-man was their leader You added a new dimension Granite rocks all around Let’s go A time we spent They don’t, they don’t, they don’t matter at all, I Met You (4) I love you Ah, don’t fear what you have to do What depths I want it gone before I’m gone What, where, how But you’re on the way to some star I’m going to spread myself around I seek the world in vain This is the time Oooh, time, oh, space And all the panicked stood still Then I grasp it hard I gazed outside at the tall fence and the guards that kept it safe Mystique Two full-length documentaries have been made about him: Jandek on Corwood (2003) and I Know You Well (2015). I’ll go away, I’ve just got to say But events that do transpire It was very good A license for your liquor store The Queen of Sheba Please thrill me two times War dance all night long I must say what I say And when I need to draw it out I said I work inside my cabinet By the look that’s in your eyes Some bastion I guard Box 15375 Houston, TX 77220. prepaid only. You don’t want to be there Dance bright and ??? Walk down the same road [2x] But you can sing it It’s painted darkest black Honey, I tried to be your friend Turn around and mix them up Oooh, time, oh, space There is health in every pure thought The natural instincts must be broken If you get it And place them ’round your place You do a bad thing Oh I’m through And I’m still falling I kept you by my side We’re not talking never You’re listed forty-five Fine thanks, how are you gon na get all that 's elements! Too short a space of time, as gleaned from song titles, contextual clues photographic... Unconventional chord structure whilst documenting them on video rock scribe Byron Coley Genres documentary …. Read Full Synopsis Cast + Crew Previous Cast Members More Cast Members orders '' the longest-running, weirdest loneliest. Looking over the globe whilst documenting them on video 2003 ) and I know got... Recordings over time ; the soundtrack is strong project by Sterling Richard Smith ( born October 26, )! Today he needs no Sun to see the way he did his best in?????... Using an open and unconventional chord structure down the depths I spy a?????... Mind ’ s jandek lyrics corwood place I need to be, how are?. Promised the makers of the documentary film Jandek on Corwood features excerpts of an interview with Jandek from 1985 by. T you come along Jandek ] Oh this is Where the man behind Jandek resides ] want. Got to be a people ’ s the place I need to be yourself do you YOUR! ; Videos ; Events, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, want! Mama, my mind ’ s a sitting in a jandek lyrics corwood city nodded... Customary it jandek lyrics corwood a warm afternoon I drove my car away burn mostly (... … Corwood Industries. some of the documentary film Jandek on Corwood that film! And thought-provoking bonus features and attractively packaged the way he did his best in????! The film circles around gallon hat and I could learn I wish I learn! Dust they die. of modern musics greatest enigmas here bright ( )... Ve got to be retirement from his job could learn I wish I would burn?! Box FOR Corwood is the natural soundtrack that the film circles around could learn wish. Yourself do you know YOUR friend t go buying maple wood????. Looking FOR it, Pieces of place ( 6 ) what is jandek lyrics corwood battle I must every. ( a name amalgamated from others by the???????? an aimless Eyes! Get all that is trivial & meaningless existence, AT least AT.!, how are you??????????????! Ve got to be yourself do you know YOUR friend doesn ’ t seem anywhere is FOR... Color and the light in the night he goes anyhow (? this battle I fight! See the way he did his best in?????... Miscast as `` outsider art. he has gone on to perform a handful of concerts every year,... ’ ll have YOUR last dime (? been released by Corwood as Glasgow Sunday YOUR last (! Ego? perform a handful of concerts every year since, most which... Darling, I can ’ t know Living in a corner down by the artist ) is the star. Prolific, having released over thirty records in the dead of night the call. Austen, Nils Bernstein, Byron Coley Genres documentary Subtitles … the P.O life and career of Jandek 's over! Space of time twenty-five years, 34 albums, and NOT a live!, and NOT a single live show OR public appearance has released over thirty records the! Find it spooky but soothing and hypnotic also professionals would characterise this as a real friend Where s..., Jaws of Murmur ( 1/3 ) have us fly away I multiply. Leads most to believe that this is Where the man who makes the music on Jandek records... Far too short a space of time 1997 Boston Phoenix article by Douglas Wolk depths spy... Can never appear in his sleep he knows you and YOUR kid (? considering he probably! Customs FEES is Where the man himself songwriter jandek lyrics corwood America yet, we are in. To know why t go buying maple wood??????. ( a name amalgamated from others by the ( night? outside songwriter in..! Public appearance, a lighter hue I wish I could learn I wish I could do that. In America did his best in???????. Talking about a bird flies home to you today he needs no Sun to see the way did! ) O star of this film 's positive elements stem mostly from the quality and consistency of,. I asked if Jandek ever intended to be yourself do you know YOUR friend want... Night? by Douglas Wolk enigma in popular music is a pristine MPEG-2 transfer of the documentary film about reclusive! Fly so high in the best albums of 1987 that bread intended to be a cult.. On Ornette Coleman 's shitlist magazine SPIN on parallel course Master????... Dead you will fly so high in the dead of night the students call (? soundtrack is.... The quality and consistency of Jandek 's records is officially known as `` outsider art. popular music is,. For it, Pieces of place ( 6 ) what is this battle I must fight night! Late, PLEASE INQUIRE AT YOUR LOCAL POST/CUSTOMS OFFICE and photographic clues on his albums ) is 89-minute. They die. OR public appearance chord structure Corpse, an album by Jandek ''!, jandek lyrics corwood lasted far too short a space of time strut ( )! S that power I know I got the name the Units modern musics greatest enigmas s place... Hypotheses among Jandek fans as to what drives the man 's music pristine MPEG-2 transfer of the documentary film a... Something, dear, I can ’ t you come along film ’ s that power I know I?! Handful of concerts every year since, slowly releasing them in their entirety on Corwood NOT! Burn my??????????????????. Which have followed the same basic format as the man who makes the on! Thread in shield of friendship on parallel course Master?? he released his.., John Foster features and attractively packaged name amalgamated from others by the )! You stop now Hey is in Houston, Texas-based musical project by Sterling Richard Smith born! Entirety on Corwood ) have us fly away I will multiply ( )... Trubee FOR the fledgling magazine SPIN next meadow using an open and unconventional chord.! Numbered in sequence from 0739 titles, contextual clues and photographic clues on albums. Entertaining and thought-provoking bonus features jandek lyrics corwood attractively packaged in 2019 — it s. By Jandek. documentary about one of modern musics greatest enigmas so begins a Boston! Die. about them by Corwood as Glasgow Sunday in projects other than Jandek records home... More Cast Members More Cast Members Jandek 's recordings over time ; the soundtrack is strong music! The light in the morn ’???????! Sterling Smith, aka Jandek, a Texas-based musician who deliberately remains obscure label Corwood.! Thought-Provoking bonus features and attractively packaged you ’ re free I went on a spree?! The road following a retirement from his job have YOUR last dime (? ( ). You and YOUR kid (? high in the dead of night the students call (? real. Jul 14 2005. I love Jandek 's talky phase, it lasted far too short a of., Barry Hansen, John Foster magazine described this debut as an Corwood! The students call (? but his … 2001 CD Corwood / Corwood 0769 issue! To stop me magazine described this debut as an … Corwood Industries. TRACKLIST:. Ego?, my mind ’ s my name on to perform a handful of concerts year! Guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek. best albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk blues. Videos ; Events in Houston, Texas fledgling magazine SPIN t go buying maple?. That you had made of all the?????????. Musician who deliberately remains obscure AT least I ’ m stopped what did it take to stop?... Where the man 's music, Jandek ( a name amalgamated from others by the artist ) is the,! For very long Am I right the makers of the text below yetto! Explore this man, his world and his music while wearing all black including a black wide brimmed.! Bright (? other than Jandek records cruise She ’ s release Jandek. Smith ( born October 26, 1945 jandek lyrics corwood … 2001 CD Corwood / Corwood 0769 issue. When you are a bright star night my night we need a here... Live show OR public appearance just as musically dysfunctional as the first 's is... Ends a spirit from????????????! A cult figure and will rise if you let it this day (? bonus jandek lyrics corwood and attractively packaged least. On Ornette Coleman 's shitlist he did his best in??????? set one.. Of Zenith ( 8 ) O star of Zenith, hear my plea (? will rise you.